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Canada line

1. The above price is inclusive of oil, including customs clearance fee, customs duty and local delivery service fee.Please note: live magnetic belt must be truthfully declared. If false report is found, the handling fee will be at least 1000RMB and the freight will be returned to the warehouse in shenzhen airport. The loss and aging delay will be borne by the consequence.

2. Goods packaging requirements: non-carton packaging and packaging damaged parts shall not be accepted. If a single piece exceeds 30KG, an additional 100/ piece will be collected; if the unilateral length exceeds 120CM, an additional 120 yuan/piece will be collected; if irregular packaging, an additional 40/ piece will be collected.

3. Description of weighing standard: the charged weight shall be the one with the larger value between the volume weight and the actual weight of the goods.The calculation method of volume weight is as follows: length CMX width CMX height CM/6000= volume weight (KG);

4. The goods need to make an accurate declaration, the sender (shipper) should be provided by email commercial invoice (FBA invoice fill in the details: the recipient receives an address/zip code/phone/purpose/material/hs code, etc.), such as the sender (shipper) in the process of delivery to our company (the shipper) if you have declared value is too low, omission, false name or infringement product and the resulting generated by all related costs, problems and consequences shall be borne by the sender (shipper);

8. Compensation: air transport process such as the goods are lost or buckle off (or infringing goods itself as a result of products, our company does not undertake any responsibility and maintain the sender so bring compensation for our losses) to compensate the declared value, not refund freight, the compensation plan strictly, please read it carefully before shipment.

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