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Japan's special line

1. Do not accept products that infringe intellectual property rights.Prohibition of the export of illegal and controlled substances (drugs, firearms, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.)

Products not used: kitchen utensils, kettles, cups, coffee makers, barbecue nettles, utensils, knives, blenders, juicers, etc.) items that come in direct contact with food (edible products)

And massager, hairdressing instrument, tooth cleaning machine, cupping, and other direct contact with the human body.

2. Cargo standard: no more than 1.2m on one side, no more than 2m on the three sides, no more than 50KG in weight

3. Additional charge for remoteness (Hokkaido, Okinawa) : 2 / KG, minimum charge: 100RMB/ticket

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