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European special line

1. Volume divided by 6000, the charging weight shall be calculated by UPS, and the volume weight shall be calculated by: length CMX width CMX height CM/6000= volume weight (KG)

2. Our company shall not be liable for any problems arising from the inconsistency in the name, type and quantity of the products declared;

3. Label requirements for outer boxes: according to the FBA provisions of amazon warehouse, if the weight of a single piece exceeds 15KG, the outer box shall be labeled with "Heavy Package" (overweight label). You can ask our company for the PDF label.If the weight of a single piece is between 22.5kg and 30KG, label "Team Lift" in the outer box.If the amazon warehouse refuses to accept the goods due to packaging problems and labeling problems, our company will not assume any responsibility, and we will not review the packaging.

4. The destination customs the goods is brand goods, or the bluetooth, HDMI, FDA, CE, FCC, Lacey Act, and the DOT certification, or the goods belong to the local anti-dumping, goods or do not conform to the requirements of the destination country imports of goods, the guest need to provide the corresponding authorization or certification report, (the following goods need to have CE mark on CE certification or products: including electronics, electrical appliances, lamps, toys, machinery, electric products.Among them, because toys involve children's health, ENT1 standard test report is also required, which mainly involves non-toxic and harmless certificates, and there should be specific label labels on the toys that are suitable for the age and so on.)Inconsistent goods can not be shipped!All the responsibilities and related expenses arising from the failure to provide the goods will be borne by the sender.

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