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American special line

1) an additional charge of 1 yuan :LED lamp, flashlight, some liquid products, toys for children over 6 years old, cosmetic bag, mobile phone case, hourglass, umbrella, cosmetic mirror, etc.

Straight curling iron, glass products fragile, gyro, textile, leather products, luggage (for shoes and clothing, add 2RMB/KG separately), car interior decoration and accessories, pen products, wigs, bamboo charcoal bags, hardware accessories, family

Supplies, wood products, kitchen products (controlled knives are not connected), aviation boxes, strong magnetic products, bluetooth products (no bluetooth logo and words) +3 yuan, solar products +2 yuan, (add money items do not stack).

2). Rejected products (for some products, the lowest price is 3-5rmb /KG, which shall be separately confirmed):

1. FDA products: skin contact products: active plants, oral cups, toothbrush heads, thermometers, glasses, brow markers, hair shavers, cosmetics,

Underwear, baby and children's products, plush toys and other products requiring FDA approval

2. Infringing products: bluetooth label and package with bluetooth word and logo, trident data line, CE,HDMI,FCC,LACEY ACT DOT logo.

3. Contraband: passport, id card, personal belongings, lighters (including USB lighters), mobile phones, walkie talkie, mobile power supply, e-cigarette, color printing, toner cartridge, toner case, blood pressure monitor, safety hammer, trolley, steel nail, stationery, watch

Pencils, folding metal tables and chairs, imitation, counterfeit, infringing, pure batteries, dangerous goods, liquids, and wooden/iron cases for goods that are difficult to open for inspection, irregular goods, non-carton goods.

4. Anti-dumping products: smart bracelet, candle lamp, folding gift box, iron clamp alloy, zoulian paper, natural bristle paint brush and brush head, calcined hand tool, thin sheet paper, brake rotor, non-malleable cast iron pipe fitting, magnesium metal,

Iron building castings, pure magnesium, tapered roller bearings and components, silicon metal, folding metal tables and chairs, lawn and garden iron fence supports, color television, chlorinated isocyanate, canvas, carbon steel welded joints, floor metal countertops

Ironing board and components, petroleum candles, steel, cast coke, raw polyester cotton calico, stationery paper (notepad), spiral spring lock washer, fixed size carbon steel plate, granular pure magnesium, hot rolled carbon steel plate, brown fused alumina, paper clip,

Enamel kitchen utensils, pencils, silicomanganese alloy, "malleable malleable steel pipe fittings", carbazole purple pigment, wheelbarrow, steel nails, round welded carbon steel pipe fittings, new inflatable construction machinery tyre, low gram weight thermal paper, raw rubber magnet, small diameter

Graphite electrode, round welded austenitic stainless high pressure sleeve, automobile headlamp and automobile equipment parts, base metal and its products (iron, steel, copper, nickel, aluminum, lead, zinc, tin, tungsten), chemical products, wooden bedroom furniture, composite wood

Flooring, amorphous silicon fabrics, crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, small diameter graphite electrodes, mechanical and electrical equipment and components, paper and paper products, textile products - polyester synthetic fiber, woven electric blankets, prepared food and beverage, composite woven bags,

Polyethylene carrier bags, mineral ores and fossil fuels, household appliances, bicycles, transportation equipment and parts, building materials and glass products, etc.

3). P.o.ox, Alaska (AK), Hawaii (HI), Puerto Rico (PR), Guam, military addresses not accepted, 967 * *, 968 * * and 995 * *, 999 * * zip codes not available).The remote address will be charged 4RMB/KG, and the lowest one ticket will be charged

RMB195+ monthly fuel.Note that amazon goods may also generate residential address and miscellaneous fees. If the bills are paid for half a year, the goods can be effectively reimbursed. If you want to know whether the destination of your goods is a remote area, please go to UPS network to check

Further notice, subject to UPS billing.If the wrong address causes UPS/FEDEX to change the address and coupler fee, it will be charged at 100RMB per piece.Temporary fastener and change of address business, we do not promise 100% success, if so

Our company will not undertake any compensation.

4) if the goods are damaged or lost due to packaging problems or delayed due to aging, we will not make any compensation.

5) our company shall not assume any responsibility for any problems arising from the intellectual property rights of the goods and shall hold the sender liable for any losses incurred to us.

6). If the goods are returned due to the request of the recipient or the sender or the incorrect address, our company will only accept the goods back to our us warehouse and store the goods for 7 days free of charge. If the goods exceed 7 days, the charge shall be RMB 5RMB/piece/day, and the minimum consumption shall be paid

10 RMB per ticket;Our company will collect the fees incurred in the process of returning the parts from the sender.If there is any redelivery of the returned goods, we will settle the freight at 12/KG and charge 50RMB/ piece handling fee.

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