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Mexican line

1. Do not accept products that infringe intellectual property rights.Export of illegal and controlled items (drugs, firearms, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.) not accepted: kitchen utensils, kettles, water cups, coffee makers,

BBQ netting, cutlery, knives, blenders, juicers, etc.) items that come in direct contact with food.

2. Children's toy series: make sure the products are suitable for children over 6 years old before normal shipment; otherwise, they cannot be exported (strictly checked by local customs).

3. Cargo standard: no more than 1.2 meters on one side, no more than 2m on the three sides, no more than 50KG in weight.More than 150 yuan/piece.Wooden cases are not acceptable.

4. If the goods are lost, compensation shall be made according to the declared value of the goods.

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