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Amazon FBA international shipping

With the popularity of amazon in recent years, more and more cross-border e-commerce companies start to use FBA, and FBA app service rises accordingly.Sea freight is regarded as a cost-effective way of FBA first delivery, which is cheaper than air freight and express delivery, and does not have too many restrictions on the products.Peak season, air and express delivery time is slow, the release of the huge shipping volume, but also played an irreplaceable role.

However, shipping and Shanghai delivery is only a part of the first stage of FBA. When the goods arrive at the destination port, local land transportation and express delivery are also required.In the past, 70% of the shipping containers sent to FBA in the United States landed at the destination ports of various countries, and then they were dismantled, sorted and sent to different warehouses in the United States.Since most of amazon's FBA warehouses in the United States are located in the middle and east, the distance from the west coast is at least more than 2,000 kilometers or even 3,500 kilometers. When they are allocated from LA, there are only a few pallets of goods in one warehouse, which can be pulled by truck, and the freight is very expensive.For a long time, due to various conditions, the logistics company that carries FBA first route, after in-depth understanding of the market, has emerged from the sea transport to the destination port, after customs clearance, sorting and delivery to the express company, which has solved the tedious procedures of making an appointment in advance.

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